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leapfrog sustainability initiatives

Abundium Leapfrog is a community for trailblazing ANZ multinational leaders to drive bold and ambitious action in the region to help fast track the transition to net zero and lead in sustainability strategy. 

In the spirit of Go Large and Give Forward, we've kickstarted the following initiatives:

  • Leapfrog Abundium Sustainability Leaders Subscription - monthly 55min virtual sessions + peer-to-peer learning + sustainability specific in-person experiences 
  • UTS & Abundium Short Course: Leading Strategic Action on Climate and Sustainability (see more details below, including dates & course brochure)
  • 24/7 Carbon Free Energy Initiative powered by Schneider Electric + an opportunity to explore an Abundium Group Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

If you or any of your senior leadership team are interested to engage with all or any of our initiatives, please let us know by completing the form.

UTS short course

Abundium in partnership with PLUS UTS Business Futures is delivering a short course specifically designed to help multinational senior leaders to leapfrog in their local strategic sustainability agenda.

The short course, Leading Strategic Action on Climate and Sustainability, ($4,400 per person) starts 13 September 2023.

Discounts apply for Abundium members, UTS Alumni and NFP organisations. Please email Elbrie for details.

See the course details for more information including course dates and click below to register.

The collaboration between Abundium and UTS produced a course that addressed perfectly my needs at exactly the right point in time. I was looking to add credibility to what was a strong interest in doing better for our world, from my very fortunate position as a leader with a voice and an audience. Delivered over a succinct period, the learning was deep and rich, and was focussed on real world applications rather than academic prowess. My personal development was immediately applicable to my challenges in the workplace. I managed to use my new found ability to articulate with credibility and engaged global executive team approval to take a very important next step in our sustainability journey as a direct result.
Darren UmbersManaging Director, Australia + New Zealand & Global Head of Social + Environmental Sustainability

24/7 carbon-free energy initiative

what is the initiative?

Abundium Leapfrog 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Initiative is a network of organisations supported by: an online platform with educational content, live training sessions, participant/stakeholder engagement, with aims toward the formation of one or more buying groups to achieve renewable energy goals and reduce scope 2, while also taking actions to reduce energy consumption and improve the match between renewable output and consumption

who should join the initiative?

Abundium Members + any organisation which aims to reduce their impact on the environment, meet global or local decarbonisation targets, create value for their organisation, and/or which needs help to internally move the needle toward action

who is leading the initiative? 

Abundium + Schneider Electric’s Sustainability Business

when is the initiative launching? 

Now, with urgency for organisations with 2025 targets; onboarding discussions will begin now

how can I join or get more information?

Connect with and or register your interest through the link in the chat

express your interest

If you are interested to engage with our energy initiative, please let us know by completing the form below.

“Let’s push the ambition in the ANZ region and go beyond our global HQ targets”

“We cannot sit at the desk and do this alone”

sustainability news + insights

As we're exploring the topic of sustainability in Australia in the multinational community, we writing about our journey. Come and join us.